Turning radiator process

turning technology allows for high aspect ratios and high fin densities, further increasing the heat dissipation surface area and thermal conductivity efficiency of the heat sink. Through optimized design and manufacturing processes, the contact area between the fins and the base is optimized, enabling skived heat sinks to achieve optimal thermal conductivity through manufacturing, aiding in more effective heat transfer to the surface of the heat sink. Skived heat sinks can provide excellent heat dissipation performance in confined spaces, making them the preferred heat dissipation solution in limited space conditions. For certain high-heat applications, turning technology is one of the most cost-effective and reliable methods for producing heat sinks. The manufacturing process is subjected to precise control, ensuring product quality and stability, while also reducing manufacturing


Advantages of turning heat sinks include:

  1. High-Efficiency Heat Dissipation: Due to the use of highly conductive materials, Skived Heat Sinks effectively conduct heat away from the heat source.The skiving design increases the surface area of the heat sink, further improving the efficiency of heat dissipation.

  2. Selection of High-Quality Materials: With turning technology, various high-performance materials such as aluminum alloys, copper, and copper alloys can be utilized for heat sink manufacturing. These materials possess good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, ensuring the stable operation of the heat sink over time.

  3. Precision Machining: Turning technology provides highly accurate machining capabilities to precisely shape and size heat sinks according to design requirements. This ensures proper fitment of the heat sink with other components, enhancing the overall system performance and reliability.

  4. Customized Design: Turning technology allows for the customization of heat sink design and manufacturing according to specific customer requirements. Whether it's size, shape, or surface treatment, adjustments can be made to meet the demands of various application scenarios.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other manufacturing methods such as casting or extrusion, turning technology typically offers lower costs. Since turning technology can complete multiple machining steps in a single operation, it can reduce manufacturing time and costs.

1. How do Skived Heat Sinks work?

Skived Heat Sinks operate by cutting a metal material (usually aluminum or copper) into multiple thin and flat strips, then stacking these strips together. This structure increases the surface area of the heat sink, thereby enhancing the thermal conductivity efficiency. When electronic devices generate heat, this heat is conducted to the surface of the heat sink through thermal conduction, and then dissipated into the surrounding environment through convection and radiation.

2. What applications are Skived Heat Sinks suitable for?

Skived Heat Sinks are widely used in various electronic devices, including but not limited to power adapters, LED lighting, automotive electronics, communication equipment, computers, and industrial control systems. They are especially suitable for situations where space is limited or where there are high demands for thermal management.


3. How to choose the right Skived Heat Sink?

Choosing the right Skived Heat Sink involves considering the following factors:

4. What should be noted about the installation and maintenance of Skived Heat Sinks?


5. Will the performance of Skived Heat Sinks decrease over time?

Under normal operating conditions, the performance of Skived Heat Sinks does not significantly decrease over time. However, if the heat sink is covered with dust or debris, or if its physical structure is damaged, its cooling efficiency may be reduced. Therefore, regular cleaning and inspection are key to maintaining its optimal performance.

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