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Heatsinks dissipate heat from electronic components, enhancing their performance and longevity. Our range offers efficient cooling solutions for various applications, ensuring optimal thermal management.

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At ENNER, we always stay in tune with our customers' market demands. We eagerly anticipate and investigate the most difficult customer requirements to create and manufacture cutting-edge products.

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Established in 2006, Shenzhen Enner Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that focuses on the research and development, design, production, and sales of heat dissipation solutions and precision component products.

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One-stop service

With a complete order management system, our company can handle various customers' requests efficiently, from product design and development, production and manufacturing, procurement and delivery, to supplier management and special customer requirements, ensuring timely and high-quality delivery.

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    Thermal simulation software analysis

    By effectively utilizing numerical, analytical, and empirical data, this software generates top-notch simulation outcomes within intricate computational domains. Moreover, it minimizes resource demands, facilitating customers in promptly recognizing patterns and discarding unfavorable designs. Ultimately, it curtails the overall simulation procedure time by over 75%.

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    Quotation within 24 hours

    We will provide the best price within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry on a business day.

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    7 days sample delivery

    Fast sample delivery has been the concern of many customers, 7 days sample delivery is one of the best services we can provide.

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    We can verify the material provided by customers

    We can support customers in the early stages of product development by providing necessary equipment. Additionally, we can provide assembly and molding services once the product has been verified.

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    Assembly services

    We have many years of experience in assembling large projects and can provide completed assembly services with our exclusive material experience, process and application knowledge.

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    Complaint feedback within 48 hours

    Upon receipt of a customer complaint, we’ll immediately investigate and promise to provide a solution to the customer within 48 hours.

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Know More About Us

ENNER focuses on management and efficiency,and leads partners to form a united fighting group with a strong leadership team,and introduces the current advanced management system to escort the sustainable development of our company.

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Participated in the exhibition

Nov 2018


Munich, Germany

Oct 2017

Hong Kong Global Resources

Hongkong Electronics Fair

Apr 2017

Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)

Hong Kong Global Resources

Nov 2016


Munich, Germany

Oct 2016

Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)

Hong Kong Global Resources

Jun 2016

Taipei Computex

Taipei . China

Apr 2016

Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)

Hong Kong Global Resources

Mar 2016


Hanover, Germany

Jan 2016


Las Vegas, USA

Oct 2015

Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)

Hong Kong Global Resources

Jun 2015

Taipei Computex

Taipei . China

Apr 2015

Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)

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Please get in touch and our team will answer you with a professional solution immediately.

  • Manufacturing facility 1

    Dongguan JX Metal Co., Ltd


    No.1 Xintoulong Road, Pingshan 188 industrial district ,Tangxia Towan, Dongguan, China

  • Manufacturing facility 2

    Dongguan ENNER Metal Co., Ltd


    No.3 Xintoulong Road, Pingshan 188 industrial district ,Tangxia Towan, Dongguan, China

  • Shenzhen office

    Enner Techology (Shenzhen)CO., Ltd


    No.2208 ,Jinhua Building,Taoxia Village, Longhua New District, Shenzhen ,China.


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