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Shenzhen Enner ElectronicTechnology Co.,Ltd.

Led by a strong leadership team, our company employees form a united and cohesive team, with a total of 500 employees. The research and development team consist of graduates from universities in the fields of thermodynamics, mold design and manufacturing, and materials science. With a complete heat dissipation simulation software and rapid samples production, the team can assist customers in designing the best solutions.

Our company emphasizes on management and efficiency, introducing advanced management systems to strictly enforce company discipline, clarify responsibilities, and improve work efficiency. Our company has passed the ISO9001 & ISO14001 and IATF16949 certifications and currently holds 19 practical patents.

With a complete order management system, our company can handle various customers' requests efficiently, from product design and development, production and manufacturing, procurement and delivery, to supplier management and special customer requirements, ensuring timely and high-quality delivery.

Our company mainly serves world-renowned companies such as AVC, Flextronics, Siemens, Nokia, etc. Always adhering to the spirit of scientific and pragmatic research and development, intelligent and innovative manufacturing capabilities, our company provides customers with professional and perfect heat dissipation solutions.

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Corporate Culture
  • Vision


    To become a well-known brand in the international hardware industry

  • Mission


    To drive our customers to achieve brand value and enhance brand influence

  • Core values

    Core values

    Integrity based, excellent quality, and comprehensive service

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Team Introduction

Founded ENNER in 2006 and is currently our company’s executive chairman.

There are currently 15 R&D personnel. Among them, there are 2 R&D system personnel and 13 R&D product personnel.

The existing production staff is 300+. Among them, there are 10 people responsible for equipment management, 10 maintenance personnel, and 10 persons in charge of each workshop.

There are currently 15 testing personnel.

There are currently 30 comprehensive personnel. Among them, there are 15 people in procurement, 4 in administration, 3 in personnel, 5 in logistics, and 3 in finance;

Procurement Department

There are currently 15 engineers. Among them, there are 10 senior engineers and 5 junior engineers.

There are currently 30 business personnel, responsible for domestic market development and international market development, including 15 people responsible for the international market. 1-to-1 full tracking of project services and after-sales services. By 2023, it has been contacted for nearly 10,000 new domestic and foreign projects.

  • Chairman

  • R&D Department

  • Production Department

  • Quality Inspection Department

  • Comprehensive Department

  • Procurement Department

  • Engineering Department

  • Business Department

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Manufacturing & Quality Control
  • 500

    Factory personnel

  • 20,000

    Covering an area of

  • 100


  • 20

    High precision machines

Compound turning and milling


CNC woodworking machine


2.5 Dimensions




Fan test


Hundred grid test


Panoramic view of testing room


Three dimensions


Thermal resistance test equipment


3 Dimensions

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The customer is checking the fastest delivery date


Disscuss with extrusion tolerance


We purchased tum-mill combinatonmachine from citizen in Japan


After the exhibition . the cient invited us to theircompany

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Quality Control
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Team Style

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